Exhibition Space

 With its open design the MRG gallery space provides boundless curatorial possibilities for artists to showcase their work in a fashion as distinctive as that of their creative vision.  An artist himself, founder Michael R. Goodman approaches the experience of viewing and appreciating art as a three-way partnership between the gallery, the artist and the viewer.  Maintaining the delicate balance between the parties isn’t always easy, but Michael and his dedicated staff of fellow artists, curators, and established art dealers invariably find a way. 

 Every exhibition at MRG Fine Art is a one-of-a-kind event.  And what makes the experience so special is that it’s not just about the art and the artist — the viewer/collector/patron is part of the creative act.  After all, without the viewing public to see and appreciate, art is like an actor standing alone before an empty theater.  In the human heart and mind, art can evoke a vast range of feelings and emotions–despair…exhilaration…fear…bliss… At MRG Fine Art, the aspiration is for every guest, whether novice, seasoned art lover or somewhere in between, to experience the joy of art.   


Art Placement

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. As an extension to the gallery showcase experience, MRG Fine Art also provides a number of art-related services to local businesses, such as art installation for fine dining restaurants, hotels, offices, and even temporary fine art installations for high-end real estate listings.       MRG Fine Art brings the same level of dedication to its art placement service that it does to its gallery exhibitions.  Indeed, work placed by MRG is selected from their in-house roster of artists.  Placement of fine art adds value to your company’s brand and helps distinguish you from competitors in a positive way.