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Dante Latessa
Distortion Sensation, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
61 x 39 in - 154.94 x 99.06 cm


The story of Dante Latessa, the artist, is an unlikely one. One late

August night in 2015, it all began in the garage of his Brookline,

Massachusetts home; born out of sleepless nights, spare paint

cans, excess plywood moving boards and a sudden, impulsive

need for self-expression.

His work is perhaps most clearly defined by it’s raw, primitive and

deeply textural nature and the emotionally evocative effect it

produces in the viewer, regardless of the content depicted.

Dante’s canvases draw frequent comparisons to Basquiat and

Picasso, among others. However, his stylistic influences are often in much more unexpected places than the modern canon.

These influences range from the stark beauty of modern and

brutalist architecture, to the haunting and ethereal soundscapes of 1990’s UK Garage music.

Shlomo Tuvia
Harmony, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
48 x 60 in - 121.9 x 152.4 cm


Shlomo Tuvia is a Los Angeles based painter whose work exudes presence. He draws on a rich autobiographical past and utilizes expressionist renditions to navigate his tumultuous inter-family history. The frenzied pace in which he works reveals a compulsive nature to his creations, where rhetoric is subverted by emotion. From highly-stylized portraiture to emotive gestural limbs, Tuvia’s work personifies graphic elements equally rooted in art-historical homage, passionate exuberance, and haptic experimentation. 

Painting’s such as Deaf Gestures reflect on personal discourses around post-war trauma and the subsequent lack of language to address the atrocities of man. Like Theodore Adorno’s famous quote, “No poetry after Auschwitz,” Tuvia too examines the ways one may communicate after dealing with insurmountable circumstances. The artist, however, channels his family’s tenacity, as Holocaust survivors, to confront grief and hardship with unwavering optimism. 

Recent pieces depict formalized appendages that contort into vague and voyeuristic compilations. These reinterpretations of academic forms allude to the works of famous contemporary Bruce Nauman, whose similarly enigmatic sculptures create curious affiliations between form and meaning. Tuvia utilizes these varied compositions to address the multitude of ways in which expression is perceived, interpreted, and reimagined. 

Shlomo Tuvia currently lives and works in Malibu and has featured works in various international exhibitions with such highlights including; New Works, private residence, Los Angeles (2016); The Golden Show, Shlomo Tuvia Gallery, Malibu (2017); BMW Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan (2018);    

KAG, Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan; KAG Permanent Collection, Kitano Alley Gallery, Osaka, Japan; Art Aspen 2018, Aspen; Immersive Show, Los Angeles; and LA Art Show 2019, Los Angeles. 

Naser Niki
Virgo, 2018
Acrylic on Glass
60 x 48 in - 152.4 x 121.9 cm


Naser Niki has over 39 years of experience in Glass Art. With a degree in graphic arts and his self-taught techniques, he has become a leader in producing innovative products in the glass industry today. Naser Niki specializes in large-scale abstract artwork, which known for its vibrant colors, one-of-a-kind designs, organic flow, and high-gloss finish. The G3 Art Collection is now available in selected galleries, boutiques, and fine furniture stores in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Dubai, Japan, Chicago, Florida, Singapore and Milan. He has mastered several media such as airbrushing, drawing, painting and glass sculpting. He expresses a passion for designing elegant and distinctive glass creations, which many consider each one a masterpiece. Over the years, Naser has had the privilege to instruct eager individuals who are interested in creating art glass and has received many personal and professional recognition and awards for both commercial and residential projects, including Vancouver's most legendary symbol: the Olympic Cauldron. Naser's creative driving force allows his client to experience works that many describe as spectacular.

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