About Us


 Welcome to MRG Fine Art. We are a fine arts company representing a new generation of groundbreaking artists working in a host of visual mediums.  Founded in the spring of 2007, the mission of MRG is to create a unique and supportive community that allows the best emerging and established artists to showcase his or her singular vision.  We’re dedicated to exhibiting the finest in contemporary art while promoting those who create it.  Please visit our social media pages to follow us and receive updates on future exhibitions and events. 


MRG Fine Art is eager to collaborate with individuals and organizations interested in artistic endeavors, and we continually explore a range of opportunities to engage with the community at large. The MRG Fine Art Gallery is a versatile, multi-functional space that allows for a range of diverse creative audiences to intersect. In addition to visual art exhibitions, MRG has hosted musical performances, music video premieres and various promotional gatherings. The gallery is open to any type of event or collaborative proposal related to the arts. After all, MRG is where the arts happen!